Cutting The Waste With The Green Scissors Campaign

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Old Tech & Risky Tech= Waste

Each year the US government spends billions of dollars to promote old energy technologies as well as new, unproven and even risky ones. Many of these technologies are destructive to public health and to the environment. However, billions of taxpayer dollars could be saved by cutting subsidies to them. Yet, we continue to ask taxpayers to subsidize these technologies of the past or to ante up money for new harmful technologies is fiscally and environmentally reckless.

Windmills and nuclear

Windmills and nuclear energy are mature energies that are still heavily invested in.

Cutting The Waste!

The government has been doling out too much money in subsidies that being used for old technologies that are not helping us secure sustainable and reliable energy. Since its inception in 1994, the Green Scissors Campaign has fought to make environmental and fiscal responsibility priorities in Washington. The campaign seeks to eliminate subsidies and programs that harm the environment and waste taxpayer dollars. By making these cuts, the federal government can save money for priorities including deficit reduction. ConservAmerica has partnered with The Green Scissors Campaign to help educate and provide outreach for this initiative.

Rob Sisson

Rob Sisson, President of ConservAmerica

The Interview

In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Rob Sisson, President of ConservAmerica, the national grassroots organization of Republicans for Environmental Protection. Stay tuned!

About Rob Sisson:  Prior to joining ConservAmerica, he spent 22 years in commercial banking. In 2000, he was named Michigan’s Small Business Advocate of the Year. He served two terms as Mayor of the City of Sturgis, MI. During his tenure, he helped lead the city to national recognition for energy and environmental conservation programs (saving tax dollars). A hallmark of his administration was the work to  privatize city services including the city owned ambulance service and hospital. He led the effort to lower the city’s tax rate to the lowest level since 1950. For his efforts in expense reduction via conservation programs, he was named Michigan’s Environmental Leader of 2008. Sisson is the author of two books: Financing the Small Business (Adams Media Inc) and The Legend of Chief White Pigeon and the Old Sauk Trail.

Active in economic development, Rob served twice as president of the St. Joseph County EDC/Brownfield corporations and is long time VP of the Sturgis EDC/Brownfield corporations. He is a strong supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit.
He is a member of Right to Life, NRA, and the Chamber of Commerce. Rob hunts, fly fishes, and hikes in Michigan and the northern Rockies. A proponent of the 2nd Amendment, he is a CCW permit holder.

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