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About The Show

The Clean Energy View Radio Show is the hottest new educational show about clean energy!

Produced by The Organic View Radio Network, the #1 innovative leader in internet educational media, “The Clean Energy View” is a unique, live, interactive, internet talk-radio show that features key leaders, innovators and educators who work within industries that involve clean energy, the environment, politics, living green and sustainability. It is the only show where activism meets Wall Street! In today’s world, we need smart technology that is good for the planet and also makes sense financially.


The Clean Energy View Radio Show has a global audience of over one million listeners.

The network has a global audience of over a million listeners, consisting of professional people that are well educated, sophisticated and demand high quality content that will enrich their lives.

New Show Schedule:

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Podcast Archives:

The complete archives are available at www.cleanenergyview.com/podcasts/ The show can also be found on iTunes, Zune and every major podcasting provider.

The Clean Energy View With Host, June Stoyer explores emerging technologies and trends in the future of clean energy!

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