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Reaching the masses

Would you like to reach your targeted audience about renewable energy, alternative energy, emerging technology and  any other environmental issues? The Clean Energy View Radio Show has a highly educated audience that understands the need for solid alternatives to fossil fuels.

Would you like to:

  • reach a targeted audience of consumers, business owners and institutional investors?
  • connect with people that not only want to watch your film but will buy it and get the word out about it?
  • get your message out about a service you provide that is essential to the future of clean energy?
  • increase exposure about a book you have published to increase book sales and increase your rank on amazon?
If you said yes to any of the above, please contact us about sponsorship opportunities. We have a wide variety of options to suit any budget.


global market
Want to reach a global market? Contact us for opportunities today!

The Clean Energy View is produced by The Organic View Network which produces the number 1 internet media educational show, The Organic View Radio Show. It has been a tremendous success and appeals to so many groups. June Stoyer is the host and has been a life long educator in the NY and global markets.

June has a done a tremendous job building a large, focused community comprised of people with chemical sensitivities, vegetarian and vegans, animal lovers, gardeners, bee keepers, the environmentally concerned and newcomers to a more health conscious lifestyle.

connect with a global audience

Core Audience:
Our core audience consists of professional people between the ages of 30-60. These groups primarily consist of gardeners, animal lovers, beekeepers, Christians, Patriots, mom-preneurs, vegans and conscious consumers who are eagerly seeking quality educational information about clean energy. One of the wonderful features about the show is that if someone cannot catch the show live, our podcasts are available on all major podcast providers. Only through technology can we connect people around the globe and bring them together in one place at the same time!

reach a global audiece and sponsor @CleanEnergyView

We have packages available for all kinds of budgets. Please contact us using the form below for further information about available opportunities. Thank you!


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